Local Plan

Here are two documents related to the April 2014 workshop for those interested in the public examination of the Local Development Plan. Firstly, notes provided by the Council at the meeting and secondly a composite of views expressed by some of the FeCRA members who attended.
A Brief Guide to Examining Development Plan Documents
The Local Plan Examination – Briefing compendium
Design Guide for the Greater Cambridge City Deal – our comments on proposals and process
Letter to the planning inspector regarding the proposed ‘Chisholm Trail

FeCRA’s response to Cambridge & Peterborough Independent Economic Review CPIER (June 2018)
FeCRA’s response to the Greenways consultation. August 2018
FeCRA’s response to Melbourn Greenway. 5th August 2019
Letter from Client Earth re: Cambridge local plan. 2nd September 2019
FeCRA’s response to SPD Draft Greater Cambridge Design & Construction Supplementary Planning Document. 23rd September 2019
FeCRA’s response to Spaces & Movement Consultation. 14th October 2019
Meeting with Stephen Kelly 7th October 2019
FeCRA’s presentation at the Cambridge Local Plan big Debate. 18th Feb 2020
Letter to City Council Planning Committee about Silver Street Toilets. 2nd March 2020
Minutes of the Water Resources Meeting with Ofwat. 30th January 2020
Observations on Pace Investment’s draft proposals for redeveloping 104-112 Hills Road by Peter Studdert. 15th March 2020
Message of support to Cambridge Residents from all Political Representatives. 23rd March 2020
Response to FeCRA questions from the Environment Agency 28th April 2020
WINEP 2020 Update
WINPE Sustainability Changes
UOC Biodiversity Action Plan 10 Year Vision March 2020
Comments from University members of conservation and river groups
Comments from the Cam Valley Forum
Letter to Chair of Environment and Sustainability Committee
Extracts from Natural Cambridgeshire Scoping Nature for Investment
ENDS Report 17 August 2020 Controversial new town could damage chalk streams warns EA
Env Agency response to Northstowe Phase 3A planning application 7th August 2020
Letter to Planning about Worts Causeway Land at Newbury Farm
Notes of meeting with Stephen Kelly at the Guildhall 5th February 2020
Notes of Zoom meeting with Stephen Kelly 11th June 2020
A note on ‘Doubling Nature’ event Sept 2020
Response to Planning for the Future Consultation
Just Space response to the planning white paper
No Expressway Group Update 15th Nov, 2020
Bidwell “Unleashing the Arc Build Build Build” Q & A , 25th Nov, 2020
Letter to Cambridge City Council Scrutiny Committee regarding Cows on Commons
Maps of 4 Technical Workshops and List of attendees recorded in the Greater Cambridge Green Infrastructure Opportunity Mapping Baseline Report Prepared by LUC Nov, 2020, Local Plan Documents library

Maps recording info from 4 Technical Workshops mapping local plan green site ‘opportunities’

Land Use Forum (LUF) meeting Nov 2021 (Tweet)
Post-It Notes (closeup)
List of Organisations Interested in LUF
Cambs and Peterborough LUF Next Steps
Natural Cambridgeshire Partnership Forum Dec 2022 Chat record
FeCRA Committee response to Making Connections Dec 2022
FeCRA Response to Waterbeach Busway Consultation
CPRE Cambs Response to GCP W2C Consultation March 2023

Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Trumpington Residents’ Association: Cambridge Biomedical Campus Vision – letter to Tony Taylors on 31st May 2021
Local Plan_TRA Note_Proposed CBC extension, May 2023
Letter from David Plank re: Cambridge Biomedical Campus Growth Plans & the Local Plan
Assessment of Cambridge Biomedical Campus Vision 2050 by Trumpington Residents’ Association


Cambridge Market

Letter to CEO, Cambridge City Council Market Matters, Needs protection
Cambridge Market Closure – comments of Dr Shaun Fitzgerald
Letter from Angela Chadwyck-Healey about The Market Square Project 25th Nov 2020
A Splendid Victory and a Dire Threat to the Market by Glenys Self
Cambridge Market Square Proposals – John & Kati Preston
Cambridge Market Square – Dr Annabel Keeler
Extracts from the LDA report, highlighted by John Preston
Future Flexibility proposals from Concept Design report
Letter from market trader Angelika of Camcattle
Combined Authority Meeting Minutes regarding the market plans
FeCRA Question to Full Council 25th February 2021
FeCRA Question for West Area Central Committee 11th March 2021
Open letter from CMTA, FeCRA, FoCM and Living Streets to Councillors 20th March 2021
Technical Workshops Organisations represented at the four workshops included
Cambridge Market Square: Issues and misleading statements relating to the public consultation
Letter to Historic England about Cambridge Market from John Preston
Briefing Report on Cambridge Market Consultation May–July 2021 – By John Preston
“There is no honour here” Letter from J & K Preston to Cam Independent, July 2022
Market Square Liaison Group Meeting minutes 29 June 2022.pdf
Slide deck at the above meeting


The Oxford to Cambridge Arc


The River

Open letter ‘To the River’ – widespread public opposition
Friends of Paradise Nature Reserve concerns
Flooding Risks at Owlstone Croft development
Letter to Planning Inspectorate re Queens College Appeal – Owlstone Croft Aug 2023


Public Art

Question for Environmental Scrutiny Committee regarding riverside public art


Cambridge Sewage Works

Latter to Karen Barclay, CWRC (Anglian Water) about moving Milton sewage works


Water Resources

FeCRA Response to Water Resources East Consultation – Draft Regional plan.pdf