Update 17th May 2021

Dear all,

Update 17th May 2020

STOP PRESS Best Shop or Market 

Nominations close for BBC Food & Farming Awards 11.59pm tonight – see link


Cambridge City Residents Association Forum: 20th May, 18.15 – 19.45

Contact Beverley Childs to let her know if you wish to attend the Forum.


The agenda includes updates on the Local Plan including North East Cambridge AAP and 5 year housing land supply; Design review; Shared service and Projects. This is followed by Q & A.


Four Local Plan Green site “opportunity” workshops

Maps record whiteboard discussion at four local plan workshops of green site “opportunities”. Residents say they are not clear why there are discrepancies between the lists of responses to the consultation and attendees and the lists of those invited. It is not clear on what basis attendees were selected and why the names of councillors attending have been redacted.






Update on the Wider Cambridge Project and nature investment

Plans for accelerator parks, proposed by Cambridge PPF, the Wildlife Trusts and the National Trust, mitigating development in and around Cambridge, and Cambridge Ahead’s high growth employment strategy, were referred to by the Vice Chair of Cambridge Ahead in a presentation given to the Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry on 4 Nov, 2019.

See slides tweeted by @CFCICambridge: Green Infrastructure and Key Sites



The Cambridge Nature Network and Doubling Nature Investment Fund.

Led by the Combined Authority and Natural Cambridgeshire, the Nature Network plan is funded by Cambridge University Chancellor Lord Sainsbury’s Gatsby charity. The aim is to secure funding for future accelerator parks that will mitigate the environmental impact of the OxCamArc and building a million houses by 2050. The Cambridge Nature Network is made up of five areas prioritised for investment by Cambridge PPF and the Wildlife Trust, board members of Natural Cambridgeshire, with support from Cambridge Ahead. Links below:



2 Natural Cambridgeshire is the Local Nature Partnership for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. We are committed to protecting, preserving, and enhancing our regions natural environment and championing


“The work that we have undertaken on the finances has been supported with expertise from Cambridge Ahead and is also linked to the Cambridgeshire Future Parks Accelerator Project” CEO of Cambridge PPF, 9th March, 2021. See Link below.



See extracts from Consultant Chris Bowden, Natural Cambs, scoping nature for investment plan. Link below:


Ecologist Prof David Rogers explained the principles of net gain offsetting and a natural capital approach in his talk to Friends of the Cam https://t.co/e7H0T3vgYp

In the OxCamArc: no development, no fund for nature. Chris Bowden says the same, see p 139 of scoping nature for investment plan.

Professor Rogers more recent talk “Lies, damned lies and the OxCam Arc” looks in greater detail at the economic case for the OxCamArc and includes more analysis. Start at about minute 8:30 to see the new bits with analysis.



University of Cambridge Site Developments 


In May 2017 FeCRA reported on omission sites and promoters at the Local Plan Hearings and the letter from North East Cambs MP Steve Barclay, now Chief Secretary to the Treasury, to the Auditor General about developers and conflicts of interest.


Many of the 2017 omission site promoters have resubmitted applications.


Cambridge University BioMedical Campus: further Gogs expansion planned

At the 2017 Local Plan Hearings Cambridge University BioMedical Campus were working closely with land promoter Commercial Estates Group (CEG). Both have submitted plans for further Gogs expansion on the South Cambs chalk aquifer with parks. The BioMedical Campus 2050 vision states that ‘over the next 20 years this would equate to an additional workforce of between 14,00 and 20,000 – approximately double the staff presently working on campus”. This employment growth would be in addition to all the jobs created at North East Cambridge AAP Cambridge. Link below:



Barrister Paul Powesland talk : Should nature including a river have rights? 

Tuesday, 18th May 7- 8.30pm 

Friends of the Cam have hosted a number of high profile speakers: rock star and river campaigner Feargal Sharkey, landscape architect Kim Wilkie and Oxford Professor of Ecology David Rogers. On Tuesday 18th May they are proud to host the barrister and founder of Lawyers for Nature, Paul Powlesland. Link for registering here:


Questions about the rights of the River Cam and its wildlife and nature were raised at a Cam Ely Ouse (CamEo) event hosted by Anglian Water. See link below.


BBC Country File Investigation of water quality

A BBC Country file investigation has revealed the full extent of the crisis impacting waterways. There are 30,000+ homes effectively on ice in nine counties in England due to updated planning advice from Natural England.

Bad water quality has stalled house-building across Kent

In Kent ‘councils have been forced to put decisions on housing projects on hold while the best course of action to tackle the reserve’s deteriorating water quality is decided upon’. Link below.


River Cam picnic, 21st June, 6pm – Jesus Green

On the 21st June, midsummer evening, Friends of the Cam invite everyone to join them for a picnic at 6pm at Jesus Green to celebrate the River and its rights. More information and an Eventbrite link to follow.

Best wishes,


Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA


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