Update 23rd March 2020

Dear all

Update 23rd March, 2020

Coronavirus epidemic – Message of support to Cambridge residents from city political representatives of all parties

Lewis Herbert Leader of Cambridge City Council has asked us to circulate this message.Please share with your networks.  See link.


He also asks if any FeCRA members have links with colleges or large companies in the city.
If so please can you ask them for help in this emergency.

“In addition to the targeted national assistance to the vulnerable there are many more in need than the immediate 1.5 million national programme – including in Cambridge – possibly a total vulnerable and older people number of around a further 7.5m nationally with our proportion who need support locally.

One thought which would really help would be if closed offices, colleges and businesses could be asked to share on SPARE

  • surplus toilet and paper product stocks
  • cleansing products
  • non perishable or perishable food.
  • And if safe collection could be arranged”

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