Update 14 October 2019

Dear all,

Update 14 October, 2019

Spaces and Movement Consultation

Deadline today, 5pm

A reminder!  This is your last opportunity to say how we can improve the streets and spaces of central Cambridge. You might want to ask for the consultation to be extended? We are hearing concerns that small businesses and traders have not received surveys and from the Market traders and Friends of Cambridge Market who ask why the Market , the heart of the Central Conservation area, appears to be “invisible” in this consultation.


Many thanks to those of you who have shared comments. For instance

Q 2 Can you think of any other benefits or disadvantages to mking Central Cambridge a more pedestrian and cycle focussed place?

You felt that this is essential to meet climate changes. But you are concerned this consultation hasn’t addressed the city’s growth issues and the impact on the spaces and fabric of a beautiful and historic university and market town. You point out that neither the vision or baseline studies look at what space is available. All points made previously. See this response


Where is the evidence? Jan Gehl “Count all the pedestrians, cyclists, strollers, and café loungers going by, just as highway planners have long tallied up road users in vehicles. This is something residents groups are well placed to do.  The Great Norther Road RA are already doing this with regard to air quality .

Q3 Have we got the ‘street user hierarchy right? Do you have any suggestions about ordering?

While some of you think this seemed right in relation to safety considerations you are concerned that what is proposed is oversimplistic for a beautiful. world famous medieval city centre under huge pressure.

Again as for Q 2 you are worried there is no attempt to analyse use or capacity – the number of people on and using individual streets? You ask how  is this  going to work in a way that will mean both visitors, residents and those studying ( this is a University city after all ) can live in and get around and also stop and admire and enjoy and study.

Some of you cite specific examples about which you are concerned, particularly with respect to the impact of new Greenways.

Q 3 Do you agree with our Vision for the kind of place Central Cambridge could be?

Some of you are unhappy for the reasons above.

You point out you cannot see any real consideration of the special qualities of Cambridge’s historic environment. You also ask why there has there been no consideration given to the 2016 Cambridge Historic Core Appraisal and the 2011 Mill Road Conservation Area Appraisal which include individual street analyses.

The vision document and its associated documents:

Best wishes,


Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA




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