Update 5th May 2021

Update 5 May, 2020

The Ox-Cam Arc: An Environmental Catastrophe

If you missed David Rogers’ talk, hosted by Friends of the River Cam, it is here: https://t.co/e7H0T3vgYp

Can we really sell nature to save it? Professor David Rogers, a distinguished Oxford ecologist, explains what “doubling nature” means. He highlights that the latest argument for the Arc is that growth is about “levelling up” within the Arc and discusses the implications of this for nature and the environment.

There has been very little information from local politicians about the Ox-Cam Arc. Following a successful campaign that took the No Expressway Group and others to Westminster with a petition that had cross-party support from Cambridge’s MP Daniel Zeichner, Oxford’s MP Layla Moran and Buckingham’s MP Greg Smith, the controversial Oxford-Cambridge Expressway was cancelled in March. However, the Government still aims to increase economic output of the Oxford to Cambridge region with one million extra jobs and one million houses, with Cambridgeshire’s share (271,000) increasing the entire housing stock of the county by more than 80%.

The talk includes excellent slides and covers a brief history of Arc plans across the UK. It was followed by a Q and A session chaired by Friends of the Cam.


A full recording of the whole event is posted on https://www.friendsofthecam.org

There is more information on the No Expressway website:



Cambridge Market

Dr Annabel Keeler of Friends of Cambridge Market writes:

“Dear all,

The petition below focuses on the need to save the ‘intangible heritage’ of Cambridge Market. We are hoping that our market, as a living example of all that makes a traditional market, may be listed as being of importance as intangible cultural heritage. You may be fascinated to see a sample list on Wiki’s article on Unesco’s Intangible Cultural Heritage worldwide:


As expert Dr Sara Gonzalez, an academic at Leeds University who is researching traditional markets around the country, has said, traditional markets in the UK are really under threat, and ours is no exception. If we can get ours listed, that may act as a precursor for others to be preserved.

Please do sign the petition below and share as widely as possible”



Best wishes,


Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA




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