Update 9th January 2023

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Update 9th January 2023

Happy New Year!


Wed 11th Jan, 10 am Guildhall Planning Committee Meeting, Crunch time for the wildlife of Paradise Nature Reserve

Threat to Paradise Nature Reserve – Queens’ College’s Owlstone Croft Application is on the agenda. Officers are recommending approval. Link below.



Friends of Paradise say: “Please come along at 10 am to show your support! They would also really appreciate it if you are able to contribute to the costs to help protect Paradise. Click on tweet link .



Local plan papers out – update on local plan 

Note item 6



6. Greater Cambridge Joint Local Plan  PDF 372 KB

Additional documents:

  • App.A-GCLP Development Strategy Update , item 6. PDF 244 KB
  • App.B-GCLP Strategy Topic Paper Update Jan 2023 , item 6. PDF 534 KB
  • App.C-GCLP Consultation Statement-Devt. Strategy Update , item 6. PDF 3 MB
  • App.D-Equalities Impact Assessment-GCLP-Development Strategy Update , item 6. PDF 120 KB
  • App.E-GCLP SA Addendum , item 6. PDF 301 KB
7. Responses to Water Resources East Regional Water Plan, and Cambridge Water Resources Management Plan  PDF 309 KB

Additional documents:

  • Appendix 1 Proposed joint response to draft regional plan , item 7. PDF 214 KB
  • Appendix 2 Key summary diagrams from draft regional plan , item 7. PDF 314 KB


Greater Cambs Planning Service public webinar on Local Plan 

Wed, 18th Jan 2023 at 12:00 via zoom 


This is not a formal consultation phase of the process, but there is an opportunity for residents to ask questions. The report will be considered at:



Natural Cambs Forum 14th Dec 2022 on Water Resources East regional plan 

See Q & A chat on the talks given by Daniel Johns, MD of Water Resources East (WRE was set up by Anglian Water to plan for regional development), and by Chris Gerrard, Anglian Water Catchment and Biodiversity Manager. Link below.


Separate consultations about two new Anglian Water Reservoirs, one in Lincs and the other in Fenland, Cambs, closed on 21 Dec. Most residents are unaware that these new reservoirs are cited by WRE as being integral to the regional plan about which they are currently consulting and to the high level of employment led-growth proposed in Greater Cambs local plan.

A recording of the meeting of the Forum on 14 December is at https://youtu.be/UEoNFbdSYpI

River campaigner Feargal Sharkey has queried a briefing that a ‘ 60-70% cut in abstraction, to achieve ‘normal flows’ has been requested by the Environment Agency but ‘cannot be mandated as Cambridge Water have a licence and a contract to supply and presently have no large alternative sources’[1]

Click on tweet link below


Feargal Sharkey: ‘The Environment Agency can already amend / revoke any abstraction licence that is causing ‘serious damage’ to a rivers and from 1 Jan 2028 will be able to do so where it is causing a river not to meet ‘Good’ ecological status and all without paying compensation to the water company. Facts matter.’

Click on tweet link below for the information cited by Feargal Sharkey


Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry events https://www.cfci.org.uk

You will need to join CFCI in order to be able to attend events.


18th Jan “20 Minute City” 

The speakers are TOWN (Cambridge City Council and Anglian Water’s North East Cambridge developer partner) and Carter Jonas

Breakfast seminar 8:00 am – 9:30 am; venue Carter Jonas, One Station Square, Cambridge


‘These ideas focus on improving residents’ quality of life by minimising their vehicle travel to access amenities. Each neighbourhood should fulfil six social functions: living, working, supplying, caring, learning, and enjoying’.

23rd Jan ‘The Future of Cambridge’ Update on local plan to 2041– Stephen Kelly, Joint Director of Gter Cambs Planning and Economic Development 

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm Venue Gillespie Centre, Clare College  


Growth ARCS featured in Stephen Kelly’s talk to https://www.theaou.org/resources/311-oxford-cambridge-arc-spatial-framework-adapt-prosper-a-vision-for-all

Stephen Kelly ‘This is not the only Arc we face – there is one going to London – one going to Norwich and one up to Peterborough and beyond’

SEE the slide from his talk (shown at FECRA AGM event just after 1 min 32 secs)



Tues, 7th Feb 2023 East of England Development Conference in Cambridge 

2023 08.00 hrs – 3.45pm venue Guildhall Cambridge, Market Square, CB2 3QJ


Best wishes,


[1] https://camvalleyforum.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/22-08-27-Cam-Valley-Forum-Briefing-Sheet-2.pdf

Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA




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