Update 27th November 2023

Dear all,

 Update 27th November

FeCRA AGM Event 13th Dec the award-winning documentary 


In association with Friends of the Cam who are hosting the screening at St Philip’s Church Centre, 185 Mill Road Cambridge CB1 3AN

PURE CLEAN WATER was voted the Golden Punt Best Documentary Feature at the 42nd Cambridge Film Festival.

It traces the story of Cambridge via the lens of an iconic chalk stream, which for 250 years diverted into the town centre, provided Cambridge with drinking water. It was a hugely successful public health initiative, supported by both town and university. Now, pumping from underground chalk aquifers brings potable water at great convenience. But in the process springs are drying up and precious chalk streams are disappearing.

Producer-director Tony Eva’s film is beautifully produced, a joy to watch, a celebration of what makes Cambridge special, while highlighting serious concerns about the Cambridge growth agenda.

Following the film, Tony will answer questions and discuss the implications of his film’s findings. The film will be screened from 7-8, followed by Q&A and discussion until 8.30. Informal discussion can continue over more food and drink until 9.15.

Here’s the Eventbrite Link to book.


All welcome. Please share the Eventbrite link with your friends and networks.  The film, not yet available on general release, was a sell out at the Cambridge Film Festival, so be sure to book soon. There will be food and drink at the Friends of the Cam screening after the FeCRA AGM.


FeCRA AGM 18.00

Meeting papers will be available on the FeCRA website and will include recordings with slides from last year’s talks. Only members of a Cambridge Residents’ Association may vote at the AGM.


FeCRA Committee

Committee members have taken an active part in many issues across the city over the past year and put forward points which have been raised with us by residents. All of us welcome your ideas and suggestions and support. Some of the Committee are stepping down this year and we are actively looking for new committee members. So please get in touch if you are interested and if you have any questions please send them in advance to secretary@fecra.org.uk 

The screening of PURE CLEAN WATER promises to be a stimulating and interesting event. We look forward to welcoming you at St Philip’s Church Centre on 13th December at 6pm.

Best wishes,


For the FeCRA Committee

Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA




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