Update addendum 24th November 2019

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Addendum (25 November) to update 24 November, 2019

Greenways plans for Sheep’s Green, Grantchester Meadows – green spaces, bridges, cows


RA reps have asked us to draw your attention to Greater Cambridge Partnership/5th Studio plans for Sheep’s Green and Grantchester Meadows as they say the plans for widening cycleways and bridges are likely to impact the unique character and style of these medieval urban green spaces with their cows and small narrow bridges. See link below, p 15 and pp 32 on.


Cambridge’s unique ‘rus in urbe’ style with cows on the meadows just ten minutes away from Market and Spencers is admired the world over and was highlighted by the landscape architect and cycling specialist Tom Turner at the Cambridge Greenways seminar and by the New York Times.




Joint Histon Road/Milton Road LLF Information Meeting today, 25 Nov,6pm

Milton Road RA have asked us to remind you there is a joint Histon Rd/Milton Rd LLF tonight.

Venue- Orchard Park at the Community Centre, Central Avenue 6pm. The agenda is:

  1. Histon Road Construction Phasing and Traffic Management
  2. Bus service diversions during construction
  3. Milton Road detailed design update (emphasis on drainage solutions and verges)
  4. Milton Road updated programme.

Reminder: Friends of Cambridge Market Cobbles celebration today 25 Nov, 7pm

Friends of Cambridge Market invite everyone to a party in the market square tomorrow to celebrate winning protection for the historic cobbles.


Tortoise Discussion events

Drinks from 6pm, ThinkIn 6.30-7.30pm

Tuesday 26 Nov, Cambourne Community Hub, (chaired by Matthew D’Ancona, former editor of the Spectator and Evening Standard columnist

Tuesday 10 Dec, The Blue School Cambourne  (chaired by Ceri Thomas , former editor of BBC Panorama and the Today programme)


Tortoise, a news organisation that takes a longer, slower-paced look at the forces driving the news, is holding a series of ThinkIn events in the region. These events allow members of the community to discuss the key local issues that matter to them, and help Tortoise identify important stories to cover.

You can register for free tickets through Eventbrite



River Cam

Many of you are very concerned about the River Cam and the wildlife and ecosystems that depend on it and have asked us what you can do. Water supply is not a planning issue but the river is in the Local Plan. (See

the informal Q and A session with Stephen Kelly, Director of Shared Planning, Q 9 about the river)


If you are concerned about what is happening to the River Cam we suggest you write to the papers, and your parliamentary candidates and ask them what they plan to do to return the River Cam to its natural flow.

If you don’t know much about this issue, this article from the Observer gives a good summary.


See also FeCRA statement to the Water Crisis Forum 5 November, 2019


Cam Valley Forum have given a number of briefings on the River Cam crisis see:


and https://camvalleyforum.uk/blog

Best wishes,


Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA




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