Update 3rd March 2020

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Update 3rd March, 2020

Town and gown residents slam Silver St toilet plans

Planning Committee meeting Wed, 4th March 12.30, Guildhall

Planning Application 19/1350/LBC Silver Street Toilets


Town and gown residents have raised significant concerns with us about the application. There are issues which do not seem to have been addressed in the officer report. See link.


If you share these concerns we suggest you email:

City Council Leader Lewis Herbert lewis.herbert@cambridge.gov.uk

Planning Committee Chair Martin Smart  martinandrewsmart@icloud.com
Vice-Chair mikesargeant@ntlworld.com

Executive Councillor for Planning katie.thornburrow@cambridge.gov.uk


Cambridge to lose its cows

At a recent meeting Cam Valley Forum reported green spaces by the river are to lose their cows. It seems this will apply to all Cambridge’s green spaces despite articles such as this from the New York Times


The owner of the Red Poll cattle has received a lot of complaints about cowpats.

The council will be putting a trail of plastic cows on the city’s green spaces instead.

If you are concerned we suggest letters to the press and to councillors. Most people are unaware that Cambridge’s real cows will be going.

Followup: I need to correct the information we just gave you about the real cows going from Cambridge’s green spaces. The owner says she has reconsidered and will continue to keep them on the meadows for the time being but this is not written in stone as the complaints have been hard to deal with.  She points out that the cows are grazing on Cambridge’s flood plains just as they have done for hundreds of years and that this helps with the management of the flood plains. Support for her cows being on the meadows would however really be appreciated.
To contact CamCattle see this Facebook page

Pace Investments- The future of 104-112 Hills Road and the Flying Pig


Public consultation Thursday 12 March, 4-7pm, Sat 14 March 10-2pm venue the lobby of Betjeman House, 104 Hills Road, CB2 1LQ

The owner of Pace Investments has invested in mixed use schemes in the past.


The original planning permission was for 156 apartments and mews houses of which 63 were affordable. See the architect’s website below.


See also the section on Employment and business growth in FeCRA’s Submission to the Issues and Options Consultation on the Local Plan.


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Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA





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