Update 20th October 2022

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Update 20th October, 2022
FeCRA AGM Event Tuesday 15th Nov 7 – 8.30pm 
Cambridge for Sale – Who’s Buying? 

Talk by award winning investigative journalist and author Ian Williams 


 Ian Williams joins us to discuss his thought-provoking take on Cambridge’s relationship with China and other overseas investors and how this new Cold War impacts our university city.

Ian Williams was foreign correspondent for Channel 4 News, based in Russia (1992–1995) and then Asia (1995–2006). He then joined NBC News as Asia Correspondent (2006–2015), when he was based in Bangkok and Beijing. As well as reporting from China over the last 25 years, he has also covered conflicts in the Balkans, the Middle East and Ukraine. He won an Emmy and BAFTA awards for his discovery and reporting on the Serb detention camps during the war in Bosnia. His recent books include ‘The Fire of the Dragon: China’s New Cold War’ and ‘Every Breath You Take’ which features a company that has a contract with Cambridgeshire County Council!

With all the media coverage of Confucius Institutes and concerns about the Local Plan and Investment Zones, this should be a fascinating and very topical talk!

The AGM will include an Update from Cambridge Independent Councillor Sam Davies 


Minutes and slides of 29 June Market Square Liaison meeting 

See concerns raised:

“A member raised concerns over the dependency between what happens in the Market Square and the road hierarchy plan which affects a large number of streets in a very wide area surrounding the Market Square and may/will impact on the way in which people can reach the market.

The group member is deeply concerned about the Civic Street descriptor as the proposal disenfranchises the transport of many thousands of residents in the middle of Cambridge and the many staff that work in the central areas”. From Q & A. Link below






‘A seed fund has been approved for a City Council managed event site for accessible concerts. This will contribute to decarbonisation and create income for Cultural Services and provide employment and cultural services in partnership with commercial business. It will be supported by investment, including a permanent mains supply power supply on site’.

The officers paper on the plans for cultural events is not public.

See: https://www.fecra.org.uk/update-10th-october-2022/

There will be another Market Square stakeholders meeting on 14 November. Let the FeCRA committee know of any concerns you want raised.


GCP Making Connections Consultation – consultation closes midday 23 Dec


There are lots of press reports and discussion of this on social media. For example:



Twitter account of ‘Just another Cambridge Scientist’



Update from Friends of Paradise Nature Reserve 



It is likely that Queen’s application for Owlstone Croft will now go to the Nov 2 planning Committee. Officers are recommending approval. Friends of Paradise have asked us to share 2 important reports and their petition.


Ecologist report


Flood Risk Concerns relating to the proposed Queens College accommodation development 




Anglian Water fined for sewage pollution



Anglian Water, who fund CamEO catchment partners, have funded citizen science sampling at Haslingfield.



There is a proposal for a wild swimming tourist destination at the council owned Sheeps Green which is on the “To the River” art trail, the trail includes the proposal for the gold art river bank at Sheeps Gree, the King’s College Turing statue and the stone with Xu Zhimo’s  ‘Farewell to Cambridge’ poem.


Residents have pointed out that there is known to be a proposal for Grantchester Meadows (owned by King’s College) to be an urban park and that these new tourist destinations are likely to require “destination facilities”.


Cambridge Green Fair Sat 22nd Oct 2 – 4 pm St John’s Old Divinity School ( opposite St John’s College)

Described as a ‘unique one stop shop for learning about the Cambridge environment, climate and sustainability movement. Participating organisations include the Greater Cambridge Partnership, Cambridge Climate Justice, Camcycle, Cambridge Hub and Cambridge University Sustainability Team.


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Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA




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