Update 1st October 2020

Dear all,

Update 1st October, 2020

North East Cambridge Area Action Plan Consultation deadline 5pm, 5th Oct


North Cambridge residents associations have asked us to share their concerns about the proposed development for the North East Cambridge Area. They say it would be really good if all those who will be affected could follow up with letters to the newspapers, social media etc so as to raise awareness of the issues before the consultation deadline closes at 5pm, next Monday.

See link to this excellent set of slides


Notes of the Q & A responses from reps meetings with the Director of Planning Stephen Kelly:


Notes of meeting with Stephen Kelly at the Guildhall 5th February 2020
Notes of Zoom meeting with Stephen Kelly 11th June 2020

St Albans Road Recreation Ground – Update

At the FeCRA AGM Sonia Spinks, Chair of the Friends of St Albans Road Rec, the Arbury mums group, highlighted the vital role played by this natural open space in providing opportunities for people living in densely populated North Cambridge wards such as Arbury to experience nature close to hand and the impact of the plans for building on and urbanising St. Alban’s Rec.


An update from Lucy Seymour, Friends of St Albans Road Rec.

“Sadly, today we have been told by the environmental solicitors we employed that we have no grounds left with which we can defeat the council. Therefore I will not be launching the Crowd Justice Campaign as it will be pointless. Sorry I can’t give you more positive news. We have done our best, thank you all for the support you have given to the cause over the last year or so. At least we saved some trees and reduced the loss of space from 15% to 6.4% those victories are something to be proud of so we must hold our heads high and nurture what we still have.”

Cambridge City Residents Forum – 14th October 2020, 6pm to 7.30

The planners have asked us to let them know if we have any further names to add to their acceptance list. Can you let me know asap if you are planning to attend and if there are any questions or items that you would like put on the agenda. Exec Councillor for Planning Katie Thornburrow, has said that she will attend. In attendance there will also be Sharon Brown, Assistant Director Delivery (Leadership and management of Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Council development management, planning enforcement and strategic sites functions) at Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Council and the two Area Managers Lorraine Casey and Toby Williams.

Changes to Planning Law– deadline today 11.45pm 1 October


You can tell the government what you think by emailing

TechnicalPlanningConsultation@communities.gov.uk or filling in the online form: www.gov.uk/government/consultations/changes-to-the-currentplanning-system

There are just over 30 questions you can answer in this easy to access online questionnaire on what is a very hot topic.


Part 1 asks about the housing numbers formula – described by some as the “mutant algorithm”

Part 2 looks at Planning In Principle automatic grant of Outline Planning Permission

See link below to Smart Growth UK’s response. Even if you do not have time to submit a response it is worth reading this to get a sense of some of the issues and concerns so as to share views with councillors and your MP.


Best wishes,


Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA




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