Update 17th November 2022

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Update 17th Nov 2022
Cambridge for Sale – Who’s Buying? AGM event 

The AGM event generated a lot of interest, with 136 people signed up to attend. The discussion about investors and transparency and scrutiny is very pertinent following the recent announcement that the Government will refocus the Investment Zones programme ‘”to catalyse a limited number of the highest potential knowledge-intensive growth clusters.”


BBC Cambridgeshire tweeted,“Will Cambridge and/or some version of the OxCam Arc and the growth arcs be part of this? It seems likely given the government’s ‘re-commitment’ to East West Rail.”

Many of you have asked us for the recordings of the event – the links are below:

Chair’s 2022 report “should we feel comfortable that Cambridge University funds the planning service?”


Investigative journalist and author Ian Williams: Cambridge’s relationship with overseas investors, especially China



Councillor Sam Davies: The Democratic Deficit affecting Cambridge



Cllr Davies referred to the employment-led growth highlighted in her talk at FeCRA’s “Supersize Cambridge” 2021 event. Links below:




Q & A discussion of issues raised by Ian Williams and Cllr Davies


“Cambridge for Sale” Q&A Chat 


FeCRA on YouTube 

Do subscribe. It’s free! The channel enables RA’s and community groups and networks, including villages, to share videos of issues that are of citywide concern via a channel run by residents for residents.


Dates for diaries  

Oil Machine screening and event Cambridge Arts Picturehouse 28 Nov at 6.15 

Terry Macalister former Energy Editor at the Guardian was an Executive Producer on this documentary about fossil fuels and climate change and will host a Q&A afterwards.

More details here https://www.theoilmachine.org/


Paradise Nature Reserve – Owlstone Croft Planning Application, Planning Committee Meeting 7 Dec 

Sadly, the President of Queens’ College who chairs Camb Univ “Dear World…Yours Cambridge” donor campaign and the Fellows of Queens’ College are pressing ahead with the Owlstone Croft Application for postgraduate accommodation in the garden of Owlstone Croft which will impact the wildlife of this lovely Cam Corridor Nature Reserve in the Cam conservation area. The application requires felling trees of the bat corridor, with rare barbastelle bats. The development has serious drainage implications for the Cam. Link below.


Please support the wildlife of Paradise by donating to the Friends of Paradise Nature Reserve’s campaign and by your presence at the planning meeting on 7 December and/or by letters to councillors, social media and the press.


Best wishes,



Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA






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