Update 6th Feb 2019

Update, 6 February 2019

URGENT – Planning Cuts

Dear All,

Proposed reductions in the City Council’s planning service would radically affect the ability of residents to have input on planning applications in their area.


Two key proposals due to go before the Budget and Resources Strategy Committee on Monday, 11th February would radically reduce the ability of residents to have input on local planning applications.


  1. Notification of planning applications cut, so people would know nothing of plans that affect them unless they go online frequently to check.


  1. An increase in the number of planning applications determined in private by officers. Local councillors would no longer be able to ask for controversial applications in their area to be discussed and determined by members of the planning committee in public.


Residents already find it difficult enough to have input into the planning process – If approved these cuts would make it even less transparent and it would be far harder for residents to object to developments.


These proposals contravene key principles set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2018 that planning should, ‘provide a platform for local people to shape their surroundings’.


Early discussion between applicants, the local planning authority and local community about the design and style of emerging schemes is important for clarifying expectations and reconciling local and commercial interests. Applicants should work closely with those affected by their proposals to evolve designs that take account of the views of the community.’ (section 12 para.128).


PLEASE OBJECT ASAP TO the Executive Councillor for Strategy and Transformation,

City Council Leader LEWIS HERBERT  lewis.herbert@cambridge.gov.uk


MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE – emails and twitter


sophie.barnett@cambridge.gov.uk Romsey, Chair

Dave.Baigent@cambridge.gov.uk  Romsey, @dave4labour

kelley.green@cambridge.gov.uk Petersfield @KelleyGreen2013


mikesargeant@ntlworld.com West Chesterton,  @sargemike

timbick01@gmail.com Market  @CllrTimBick


jamie.dalzell@cambridge.gov.uk West Chesterton, @jamieLDL



nicky.massey@cambridge.gov.uk  Abbey, @nmassey79

carla.mcqueen@cambridge.gov.uk  East Chesterton, @CarlaZapp

rcantrill@millingtonadvisory.com Newnham @rodcantrill


Best wishes,


Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA

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