Update 15th June 2018

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Some of you may have seen the current edition of the Cambridge Independent and be aware of the upcoming Cambridge Eco Living Festival on Saturday September 22nd, 2018 at the Museum of Zoology, David Attenborough Building. A Cambridge First! FeCRA are on the advisory committee. The Cambridge Independent feature about the Eco-Living Festival and its founder & artistic director, Shaheera Asante can be read on the link below. Please can you forward the information to members and ask them share it with friends and networks.

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The organisers of Cambridge Eco Living Festival are looking for the following.




We are looking for local examples of plastic/litter pollution within Cambridgeshire which negatively impacts animals, birds, wildlife, rivers and streams within and around Cambridge.


Your work and awareness of these issues would be greatly appreciated. The Festival would like to highlight three community groups (simply due to limited space in the Museum venue and other programming taking place), which work with environmental pollution awareness locally. This is an opportunity for RA members and any other community groups to flag concerns.


If you would like to highlight your work, please get in touch with me by reply email. 


Here is what is required if you would like to participate:


10 x High Res (300 dpi) photographs (size as large as possible) of examples of plastic/litter/pollution

This can be in rivers, trees ( plastic bags in trees), streams, ponds, wild fields, greens, commons, meadows, parks, etc


The location of the photographs/litter/pollution/wildlife etc

The name of the photographer/ representing organisation


A short description of the problem and factual information about the area/cause


The name of your organisation, website, key contact person ( for us to arrange further dialogue) and contact details


Link to your website/social media if you have one.


What the festival aims to do:


We hope to create a mini-exhibition as part of the Cambridge Eco Living Festival to showcase local examples of plastic/litter pollution at the Museum of Zoology, David Attenborough Building.


Please note: We do not want this to be complicated process. There is very little time/resources to have extending meetings, however, please do let us know your thoughts and the action you wish to take.


Deadline for replies/submission/ participation is: Saturday June 23rd, 2018


Wendy Blythe, Chair of FeCRA, wendy.blythe.fecra@gmail.com

Advisory Group Member (Community and Environment)

Cambridge Eco Living Festival 



Saturday September 22nd 2018  
University Museum of Zoology | David Attenborough Building
Downing St, Cambridge CB2 3EJ
United Kingdom
Musem Reception: +44 1223781200

Festival: https://cambridgeecolivingfestival.uk

Museum: https://www.museum.zoo.cam.ac.uk



Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA

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