Update 23rd May 2022

Dear all,

Update 23rd May 2022
Planning Service Residents Engagement Survey

The Greater Cambridge Planning Service is consulting on what Residents Associations would like to take away from engagement meetings. Some of you have suggested it would be helpful to share thoughts before responding to the planners survey.


Can you let us know your key issues and any concerns. There will be a Zoom meeting at 6pm this Thursday, 26th May to discuss the survey. Please let us know ASAP if you want to attend so that we can send you a link.

The deadline for completing the planners electronic survey ( below) is very soon, 31st May.


In December 2021 the Greater Cambridge Planning Service was awarded a contract for digital engagement.

Contracts Finder notice reference URL: https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/Notice/c8cf9cd9-3e53-4cce-b94b-d873185fe11a


Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council (the Councils) are producing a joint piece of work which will cover the combined area of these local authorities. The Councils are seeking suitably qualified supplier to provide a hosted geospatial analytics platform (and associated services) for digital engagement. The hosted system will be a turnkey, commercial, off-the-shelf solution capable of being deployed quickly (no later than the 31/1/22), we also expect the supplier to work with us to carry out the wider aims of this research project. The purpose of the system is to enable us to carry out a discrete research project. Our objective for the pilot is to capture and geolocate comments that fall outside the normal realms of formal public engagement so that we can assess and visualise priorities of local communities, whilst reducing barriers to engagement.

Our pilot project seeks a platform (and associated services) that can capture public comments and sentiments around place-making and our recent ‘first proposals’ consultation. These are comments ‘in the wild’, i.e., social media, blog posts or articles, that could provide us with useful insights but don’t get picked up in the formal consultation process.

The zero funded contract was apparently awarded to The Future Fox, the small company that ran the OxCam Arc Spatial Framework consultation. This contract may have stalled because of the uncertainty of the future of the Ox-Cam Arc, although from FOI submitted by Stop the Arc ( see below) shared with FeCRA and community groups, Arc Leaders have continued to meet. See below

Cambridge Arc FOI response
Arc Plenary Agenda 8 October 2021
Arc Plenary Agenda 11 March 2022
Arc Plenary Agenda 28th January 2022
Arc Plenary Notes 28th January 2022

Best wishes,

Wendy Blythe
Chair, FeCRA

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