City Centre Plans

Plans for the City Centre and Cambridge Market Square

The Friends of Cambridge Market have asked FeCRA to share  their concerns about the Market and the list of questions submitted to officers March 2018.

1) Will there be an Archaeological dig on Market Square…. (when the
redevelopment starts)?

2)  How can we have both day-time Market and  night-time Market activities? How will
the day-time Market and the functioning of  these day-time and night-time businesses be protected?

3)  Can we have a summary of the main points from the mid January  2019
technical stakeholder meetings, as this will inform the 1st phase of the
design process?

4) What are the Governance Procedures for the Market redevelopment and
how does this relate to the Spaces and Movement Supplementary Planning Document eg how will this affect traders’ access to the Market?

5)      What arrangements will be made for existing market traders once work
is underway. For the benefit of Cambridge residents as shoppers…..
(this is a separate issue from the Cambridge Market Traders Association  business view)?

6)      There is a need for transparency and accountability in managing all aspects of any redevelopment that impacts Cambridge’s public spaces. Cambridge Market is a world famous, iconic, historic space. Any discussion about its future needs to be open and inclusive……and to include all citizens. Is there any form of sounding board or group already discussing these plans? Does this operate under Chatham House Rules? How are people selected and recruited?  Who are they? How are they accountable to the public?

7)   Does the Brief for the redevelopment of the Market include a reference for identifying investment opportunities? If so, will this include an assessment of the Market’s potential to develop as a market in relation to a Cambridge Central Conservation Area plan?

8)      Is there yet a Budget Quotation for  redeveloping the Market?

9)      Where is the funding coming from for the redevelopment of the Market?

10)   Is there a fixed timetable for the consultation, planning and implementation of the Market project?

11)   Who has paid for the Feasibility study? If this was local tax payers, to what extent?

12)  Would the Council welcome it if Friends of the Market were to fundraise to protect the cobbles one at a time as it would help to get the whole city involved in the Market’s future by adopting a cobble?

13)  Can we please have reassurance that the consultants would have the cobbles re-laid so that they are wheelchair and disable usable?

14)  Will the consultants and councillors take on board what Duncan Wilson the Chief Executive of Historic England said at the 50 years Celebration of the Cambridge Central Conservation Area Presentation Evening Event in answer to the question posed by the Friends of Cambridge Market:


“Since we are celebrating 50 years of the Central Cambridge Conservation Area and since the market is in this area, are we celebrating the old cobbles too? And if not, why not?”

To which Duncan Wilson replied


“Don’t underestimate the importance of small details and materials…… Changing them can completely change the character of an area.”…. ?

The Friends ask how can we make sure this advice from the Chief Executive of  Historic England is heeded?

15) What would be the cost to remove, grind (to make the cobbles disabled friendly) and relay them, so that the whole cost is included in the Feasibility Study?

16) How will the Market redevelopment enhance growth in a way that will benefit residents and traders and grace the central conservation area? How is this shown in the redevelopment proposal?
17) The Market is at the heart of Cambridge, it is an integral part of the city and  is affected by the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s plans for the city. Where is the democratic accountability in this development ? To whom should petitions etc be addressed to maximise their impact and meaningfulness?

18) What is the latest date we can submit a Petition to the April City Council Meeting?

19) Will the next phrase of the Technical Stakeholder consultations include proposals for use of the Market Square for more events beyond the seven day week market?

20) How will immediate residents and students be consulted about new uses of the Market. Such as things like late night loud noise levels?
21) Does the Council want more seating for people to sit and eat the
street food bought off the market?
22) What is the status of the Cambridge Past Present and Future (CPPF) plan that was used to raise the funding of the Feasibility report and design stage of the redevelopment?
23) When will the CPPF plan that was used to secure the above funding be made public?
24) When will the Feasibility Report be made public?

Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA

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