Update 10th October 2021

Dear All,

FeCRA’s Supersize Cambridge event

This event generated a lot of interest with over 230 people signed up to attend. We apologise to those of you who had difficulty logging in. Many of you have written to ask us for the recordings below and for the link to the Stop the Arc’s Alternative 5 minute Survey.

Supersize Cambridge Recordings 

Wendy Blythe FeCRA Chair. ‘Supersize Cambridge’

‘Ant Breach, senior researcher for Cambridge City Council ‘s external partner Centre for Cities, a think tank funded by the Cambridge University Chancellor, tweeted earlier this year:
“I make no apologies for demanding growth and a spicy, hot labour market. The CaMKOX are below the national average for CO2 emissions which is why we should build 1.5m homes in them.”  Who are the interests promoting the “spicy hot labour market?’ https://youtu.be/BM6X1K4x2iE

Prof David Rogers, Stop the Arc Group. ‘The Ox-Cam Arc.  What are we not being told?’.  https://youtu.be/4wNxf-5pYwE

Sam Davies, Chair of Queen Edith’s Community Forum.  ‘Employment led growth’. https://youtu.be/s5lW7f0cXKQ

Antony Carpen community historian .’Visions for Cambridge 2065′.  https://youtu.be/bNjHK1NNJqA

Andrew Milbourn, Chair of the Hurst Park Estate Residents Association.  ‘Plans for North East Cambridge. Are we being greenwashed?’.  https://youtu.be/1DNWtTbpHFQ

Professor Tony Booth.  ‘Scoping nature for investment or becoming nature’s guardians’.   https://youtu.be/BdkBTcA4guA

John Preston, Environmental historian and Kati Preston of the Cambridge Market Community.

Have Cambridge City Centre and Cambridge’s Market and Green Spaces been scoped for investment as event destinations to support Ox-Cam Arc employment growth ?  Who is the heart of Cambridge for?  https://youtu.be/oEog_g4YoKI

Monica Hone of Friends of the Cam. ‘Is this the death of our river?’ https://youtu.be/FxBkyYrB6CI


William Harrold’s Question  https://youtu.be/84kVgS91bD8

Jean Glasberg’s Question  https://youtu.be/-4DnGbxIwos


The official Government consultation on the Ox-Cam Arc Spatial Framework closes next Tuesday, 12th October.  It takes about an hour to complete and contains no information at all about the Government’s growth ambitions for the Arc.

Stop the Arc’s homepage which contains a link to the alternative consultation is here:  https://stopthearc.org


And here is the direct link to the same survey: https://tinyurl.com/5MinArcSurvey


Stop the Arc’s survey takes just 5 minutes to complete and has far more information about the difficult choices that lie ahead.


Please show the Government what you think about Ox-Cam Arc plans.  So far, more than 92% of Stop the Arc’s respondents simply do not want the Ox-Cam Arc.


Stop the Arc’s alternative consultation was created and is run with the active support of the Buckinghamshire Environmental Action Group (BEAG), Cambridge Approaches, the CPRE branches in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridge & Peterborough, The Federation of Cambridge Residents’ Associations (FeCRA), Friends of the River Cam, Need Not Greed Oxon (NNGO), Planning Oxfordshire’s Environment and Transport Sustainably (POETS) and Smart Growth UK (SGUK).


Best wishes,


Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA




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