Update 24th May 2019

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Update 24 May, 2019

The Cambridge Local Plan 2018 – Planners briefing to RA & community reps

Key issues for residents See link below: Q & A Start at 55 minutes


Richard Cushing, Hpera, Highlighted the disparity between the Local Plan’s  Green Belt policy and GCP transport plans and Cambridge Ahead’s Cpier Report .[1] An example was given of how plans for the South East Transport Corridor impact the Gogs landscape and open up its Green Belt to development. At the LLF maps had been circulated showing “environmental opportunities”. It was not clear who had decided landscape priorities.

Since the meeting Queen Edith’s Councillor Colin McGerty has submitted a public question to the GCP Assembly asking why the brownfield site at Fourwentways is not even under consideration for regeneration when lots of nearby sites in the Gogs are being considered, many of them in Green Belt.

David Plank,Trumpington RA Asked about the relationship  between the new Local Plan and the Local Transport Plan and growth happening now.

Jean Glasberg, Newnham Croft RA Asked if plans for unsustainable growth were compatible with addressing the climate crisis and zero carbon.

Sonia Spinks, Friends of St Albans Rec  Asked about the definition of protected space and about how growth is measured with respect to benefitting  existing residents.

Wendy Blythe, FECRA Asked if there was a health impact assessment for new development

Frank Gawthrop, SOPRA Asked about the timescale of this new Cambridge 2018 Local Plan and that of the next one.

Dr Judith Perry, BENRA  Asked how policy is measured and the meaning of “appropriate” development.

Allan Brigham, Mill Road Asked about the provision of affordable housing and inward migration and growth projections. “All of England can’t move to Cambridge what Cambridge needs is affordable homes for our children”.  Allan has asked for us to record a correction. He said 14 % affordable housing for the Marshall’s site when he meant to say 40% but stands by his comment the provision of affordable housing is very unambitious.

Sam Davies , QECF, Asked will the City’s planning policy be levelled up to that of South Cambs.

A number of you have since commented there has been no mention of the one million homes planned for a Cambridge- Milton Keynes -Oxford Growth Corridor, despite  a government press statement backing this, at least four conference, some of them featuring local leaders and comments in the press, and a Natural Cambridgeshire draft vision statement that refers to the plans, in any council or combined authority reports. For more information, see below.



Slides of the planners Cambridge Local Plan presentation on FeCRA website


City Centre Plans – “The Future High Street – How will we use our city spaces” Bid event 5 June, 6.00- 8.30pm , Tamburlaine Hotel, 27-29 Station Rd


For more information about City Centre plans.


http://fecra.org.uk/city-centre-plans/ and http://fecra.org.uk/city-centre-plans

GCP Citizens’ Assembly to look at City Centre Access & the Spaces & Movt SPD

The GCP has secured funding to set up a Citizens’ Assembly. This will look at City Centre Access and the Spaces and Movement SPD. It will meet in early Autumn before making recommendations to the GCP Assembly and Executive Board for consideration in November and December

Keith Garrett of the Sortition Foundation will be working with GCP and the organisation https://www.involve.org.uk/about to deliver a Citizens Assembly. He says the Assembly will be defined following the Board decision in June and include briefing by local experts. For an explanation of how sortition works, see link to FeCRA’s 2017 MP Hustings below. Keith Garrrett stood as a candidate.


The Mound and Shire Hall – New Petition from the Friends of the Mound


Greater Cambridge Partnership Assembly Meeting 6 June, 2pm, Cambourne


Agenda items: City Centre Access and Public Transport, Cambridge South West Travel Hub, Cambridge South East Transport, Cambridge Rail Corridor Study, Quarterly Progress Report. Note: papers will now be published on Cambridgeshire County Council’s website and there is a new email address for public questions:


The Combined Authority’s Local Transport Plan (LTP)



Forthcoming consultation on plans for LTP to follow the recommendations of CPIER which include the commitment to doubling the size of the area’s economy over 25 years and supporting growth targets of Local Plans.

The Future of Cambridge Area’s Bus services Event 15 June


Best wishes,


Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA




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