7th Jan 2020 Natural Environment & Planning Policy Forum

Natural Environment and Planning Policy Forum
see also http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/user/pvl

This is not a public forum although it includes officers and councillors.  It is not clear if NGOs involved in the proposals for new parks will receive funding for managing schemes and whether any of the proposals are offsetting development.
Papers refer to actions on the Combined Authority’s Non statutory Strategic Spatial Framework and Natural  Cambridgeshire’s “vision for doubling nature”  as part of the plans for the Oxford Cambridge Expressway and building one million homes in the Oxford Cambridge Arc. They refer to natural capital investment and “shovel ready projects” in collaboration with the Combined Authority and the GCP.

  • New parks proposed by Cambridge Past, Present and Future, the Wildlife Trusts and the National Trust were mentioned by the Vice Chair of Cambridge Ahead in his presentation to the Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry 4th Nov, 2019 on managing high growth in and around Cambridge. River groups were not consulted.. See these links to slides tweeted from the presentation by @CFCICambridge: Green Infrastructure and Key Sites
  • There are plans for the Forum to have some form of statutory authority.
  • Documents mention working with water companies.
  • Cllr Nieto is employed by Affinity Water (This was not disclosed). There is no mention of the second letter sent by Simon Hawkins Area Director of the Environment Agency to the Exec Cllr for Planning 21 October, 2019, in which he says that reservoirs within ten years are unlikely and there is no easy fix to the River Cam and chalk stream crisis and over abstraction of the River Granta, the eastern arm of the River Cam.

Meeting 17 December 2019
Environment Agency
Natural Cambridgeshire Delivery Plan
Cam Valley Forum Manifesto
EWRail Letter

Meeting 10th September 2019
Cambs Arc Projects
River Cam Manifesto
Water UK

Meeting 25th June 2019
NEPPF actions


North East Area Community Forum Area Action Plan Dec update 2019
Summary of main themes raised in discussions with a varied group of local representatives discussing the North East Area Action Plan 2019

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