Update 1st June 2021

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Update 1st June, 2021

Cambridge Market Square Redevelopment Consultation – deadline 7th July 


Cambridge City Council is asking the public for views on the proposed multi-million pound project to redevelop the market square.

For Market traders, Friends of Cambridge Market, Living Streets and residents concerns see:

Letter to Historic England about Cambridge Market from John Preston
Briefing Report on Cambridge Market Consultation May–July 2021 – By John Preston


  • The design of the demountable stalls, traders say they will have no opportunity to trial;
  •  Most people will not be aware that stall design impacts retail choices
  • A traditional retail market has specific business needs ;
  • No Plan B for refurbishment of existing market refurbishment ( traders say the market doesn’t even have a decentwebsite) ;
  • visiting markets and events impact business viability.
  • Levelling up and job security. Traders say the market supports jobs that are not science park or tech, providing opportunities for young and old and a WiderCambridge spectrum: market gardens, traders, nurseries, small farms, graziers, artisan crafts, bookselling, antiques etc
  • A thriving traditional market makes a city a good place to live and visit; an asset highlighted by the Sunday Timesin their list of good places to live. The list singled out Ely and its market. It dismissed ‘joy squeezed out of Cambridge ’
  • noise impact of big events impacts residents; including students;
  •  Cambridge market square is 50m x 35 m with built-up residential and commercial property on all sides – traders highlight ‘it might seem like you can do anything… as long as no one turns up!’
  • The privatisation of public open space.
  • It is not clear who is funding this multi-million pound project.


The Wider Cambridge Visitor Growth Project 

On 27 Nov 2020 the Cambs & Peterborough Combined Authority Board attended by City Council Leader Lewis Herbert approved funding for a Cambridge Visitor Growth Scheme Project which included the market based on ‘scoring criteria and external evaluator’. A supplementary question asked at the West Area Committee about the governance of the Wider Cambridge Visitor Consortium deciding on the city centre and green spaces was not answered. See links below.


Wider Cambridge Consortium members include Cambridge Bid, the Councils, City and County; Fitzwilliam Enterprises Ltd ( Cambridge Univ) and King’s College.


p 2  II4754 -New Business Opportunities on Parks and Open Spaces

p 11 CAP4787 Market Square Project

“Yes, the scheme will enable the Council to secure additional income from maximising use of the available space provided (around the market during the day and in place of the market at night) for licensed commercial events and activities.”

Trinity College plan to expand the Cambridge Science Park. The expansion plans include a country park.


Cambridge University BioMedical Campus (board members include Camb Univ Vice Chancellor and AstraZeneca) expansion plans are also for a visitor destination: “an urban healthcare village with a country park” see link below.


Cambridge City council’s forward plan 


For approval by the Environment and Scrutiny Committee 1 July, 2020

1. Visit Cambridge Destination Management Organisation  New!

Decision maker:  Executive Councillor for Climate Change, Environment and City Centre

Decision due:   1 Jul 2021

Lead officer:  Joel Carré

Notice of proposed decision first published: 24/05/2021


2. Biodiversity Strategy  New!


The decision is to approve the draft Biodiversity Strategy for stakeholder and public consultation. This strategy will update the current Nature Conservation Strategy (2006-2026) in response to the declared Biodiversity Emergency.


Decision maker:  Executive Councillor for Open Spaces, Sustainable Food and Community Wellbeing

Decision due:   1 Jul 2021

Lead officer:  Guy Belcher

Notice of proposed decision first published: 24/05/2021


The Cambridge Nature Network and Doubling Nature Investment Fund is led by the Combined Authority and Natural Cambridgeshire




Cambridge University BioMedical Campus Vision

Since this update, https://www.fecra.org.uk/update-17th-may-2021/

Queen Edith’s Councillor Sam Davies has highlighted that the Campus is planning a very large expansion


‘Supporting Evidence’ ‘Spatial Masterplan pt1’ `and map p30. https://consultations.greatercambridgeplanning.org/form/40064

‘It comprises 4.8 million sq ft of additional employment space including clinical, R&D, conferencing, hotel, leisure and retail *plus* 5000 new homes with associated social infrastructure’. The Transport Strategy proposes two additional dedicated P & R sites just for Camb Univ BioMedical Campus plus a new busway from Babraham Rd P & R across the field (‘site’) to access Dame Mary Archer Way (p 28). The proposal is not only that housing should be tied to employment but also transport infrastructure’.


Trumpington Residents Association have asked us to share their letter.


Trumpington Residents’ Association: Cambridge BioMedical Campus Vision see link below



Gogs Busway protest on Thursday 3 June, Stapleford Rec 10am

Stapleford Parish Council have organised a protest against Greater Cambridge Partnership’s busway plans, They welcome support.


Howard Keitel, chair of Stapleford parish council writes:

“The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) intends to carve a tarmac busway 14m wide through greenbelt around Stapleford and Shelford, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Cambridgeshire and adjacent to Magog Down.

A preferred route has been selected and detailed plans exist for a busway which runs northwest from a tarmac monstrosity of a new park-and-ride near the A11-A1307 interchange straight through Stapleford’s greenbelt and on towards the Biomedical Campus. And on the back of this, speculative housing will be released on fields dissected by the busway.

The GCP Joint Assembly, which advises the Executive Board, is meeting on 10th June. Then, on 1st July, the GCP Executive Board will decide whether to apply to the Secretary of State for a Transport and Works Order. If granted, this would give the GCP the powers it needs to:
• construct a busway through Stapleford’s greenbelt
• compulsorily purchase land
• close roads and paths
• build a 2,000-space park-and-ride.


How you can help? Write immediately to councillors on the GCP Board. Even if you can’t join the demo, you can still help. Recent local elections have changed the make-up of the county’s decision-making bodies, including the GCP. New Board members have only days to get up to speed with the unsustainable and uneconomical nature of CSET before they must vote on its future. So, we’re asking everyone to please, please, please write ASAP to the following council leaders and GCP Board members to register your concerns:


East West Rail Consultation deadline 9th June 


Trumpington Residents Association have shared their response to the consultation. See link below


Cambridge Blogger Antony Carpen has highlighted that there are lots of disturbing expansion plans in the local plan documents, conflicting with the Stantec consultants report that there is not enough water, the environmental degradation confirmed by the Environment Agency and the information that has been widely reported hat profitable water companies are pumping the Cam full of sewage.


If you have concerns or further information please let us know so that we can share the information. Concerns about planning enforcement were raised at the recent Residents Forum with the planners. This another issue that residents have been following up.

Best wishes,




Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA




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