Update 21st June 2022

Dear all,

Update 21 June 2022


River Cam Celebration today 


Live music, choirs, poetry, art. Bring a picnic. Glorious weather, it should be fun!

Crowd Justice Fundraiser update


Fews Lane Consortium report that thanks to everyone’s generosity, the crowdfunding goal will be met. Mrs Justice Lang has granted full permission for judicial review of the Northstowe Phase 3A decision on all four grounds.

“If permission to apply for judicial review is granted, your case will go to a final hearing. Usually within 35 days of the decision to grant permission the defendant must file and serve its detailed grounds of resistance, setting out in more detail the basis on which it is defending the claim.”

There is a meeting at 7pm on Friday, 24 June, at All Saints’ Church in Longstanton. All welcome. Meanwhile the Financial Times  report “Anglian Water pays £92mn dividend to owners as customer bills rise” See link below


Sales of homes built on council land to overseas buyers

Cambridge city council accused of ‘greed’ for home sales overseas 



Plans for major redevelopments of Council housing estates 



Plans to turn the Beehive Centre into a science park 



Market Square Consultation Report 


If you haven’t yet seen it, the Market Square Consultation report is now out. Please let us know your thoughts. Some of you have highlighted that there is no analysis of the 424 free text responses received to Question 18 “Is there any other feedback you would like to give in relation to the proposals”.


Camb Local Plan – First Proposals consultation results


As part of the consultation the planners say they have received a number of new site suggestions, as well as changes to site boundaries and new information in relation to those submitted previously. “For details of these sites see call for site interactive map and site data on our website, or view the interactive map

The 41 new sites add to the 650 site suggestions we have received previously. The new sites, and comments on previously submitted sites, will be considered and a report on the next steps for the Local Plan will be considered by the Councils at the following meetings:”



Groundbreaking Cambridge Univ Corvid Research Lab to close 


‘For Clayton, who has hand-reared many of the 25 jays and four rooks that live at the lab herself, the birds are like family’.

The ground breaking science research lab ‘shows us a different way of doing animal research: an approach where we see animals for what they are – sentient beings with their own individual lives to lead. And where we study them over the long term to find out how they think and solve problems.’

If anyone knows of possible donors please tell them to get in touch with Professor Clayton.


Best wishes,




Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA

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