Update Nov 2018

Dear all,

Update November 2018

Greater Cambridge Partnership Executive Board meeting, Thursday 6th December, Guildhall , 4pm

See Agenda and Papers

The Board will be discussing a number of schemes, including the controversial Cambourne to Cambridge route.

  • Cambourne to Cambridge Busway
  • Histon Road: Bus, Cycling and Walking
  • City Centre Access and Bus Improvements
  • Note also a plan for a GCP Transport consultancy in Appendix C here

COMMENTWe summarised concerns about West Cambridge plans for you previously.


The Cambourne to Cambridge project was also on the Agenda at the recent West Central Area Committee. Residents are grateful to Richard Taylor for filming this meeting and you can see the C2C Officer Presentation and discussion at around 1hour 40 minutes:


Mayor James Palmer is now backing the off highway route through Coton and the West Fields. How this relates to plans for the CamMetro and the buses after they leave Grange Road and the impact of this on Cambridge’s Central Conservation Area, Silver Street and Queens’ Road ie The Backs is not yet clear.

Celebrating the City Centre’s Conservation status

Next year Cambridge City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council are partners in celebrating the City Centre’s Conservation status – this includes the Backs and the City’s medieval, urban green spaces.

Link –  50th Anniversary details

A number of you have shared concerns about the consultation process and business case for Cambourne to Cambridge. This reflects similar concerns expressed to us regarding other schemes.


FeCRA highlighted your concerns that although the Greenways are seen as a good thing, the Haslingfield and Barton Greenways Schemes deliver commuter cyclists to crowded, central city conservation areas, but not to major employment sites. See link –  Fecra – Greenways

C2C and Girton Interchange

Regarding the controversial Cambourne to Cambridge route most West Cambridge communities agree that building a Park & Ride at the Girton Interchange, linked into the A1307 to intercept longer-distance traffic from the A14 and, in future, from the A428 would help solve the problem of congestion.  They would also like to see GCP working with Highways England to ‘fix’ the Girton Interchange in 2021, so that traffic bound for destinations south of Cambridge can join the M11 directly from the A428.

Transport group Smarter Cambridge Transport have summarised alternative options for the Cambourne to Cambridge Scheme as have Cambridge Past Present and Future.

See links below:




Greater Cambridge  Partnership (GCP) Consultations


Cambridge South West – Trumpington Park & Ride – Trumpington Road bus priority– comment by 21st December

Already the busiest Park and Ride in the City, and with growth planned, the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) are consulting on two options for increasing Park & Ride spaces.


The Cambridge South West bus priority plans for Trumpington Road were described at the last GCP Assembly as being not very pleasant and likely to be unpopular.


See papers from last GCP Executive Board meeting, West of Cambridge Package (M11/Junction 11 Park and Ride), pp 14 and 15 for the plans.  This plan showing the interventions doesn’t appear to be in the consultation brochure.


For the consultation brochure and interactive map see link Cambridge South West Park and Ride


Greenways consultation for Fulbourn, Waterbeach – comments due today, 3rd December.

Greenways consultation for Comberton – comments by 17th December.

The GCP is consulting on proposals to create new cycle routes from Fulbourn, Waterbeach and Comberton to Cambridge. You can view the proposals and also give your comments online on an interactive map. See link  Greenways – Consultations

Station development – New Planning application reference 18/1678/FUL Comments by 24th December

Developer Brookgate have submitted a new planning application for an ‘aparthotel’ above a multi-storey car park plus a business centre:

  • Block B2: multi-storey car park (210 spaces over three split-level floors) plus four floors of apartment hotel suites, alongside the Ibis hotel and cycle park (B1).
  • Block F2: business centre and railway staff offices, 3 and 5 storeys high, backing onto Ravensworth Gardens.

See: South Petersfield Residents Association website for detail https://www.sopra.org.uk/1/brookgate/

Appendix B Transport Assessment (part 5) 18/1678/FUL (link from planning portal above).

We are advised the application still assumes 10,000 vehicles past the homes of the Great Northern Road Residents Association.

Street Tree planting schemes and free trees – Interested?

Hills Road Residents celebrated the beginning of National Tree Week with the planting of the first four trees of the Hills Road Tree Scheme. The event was planned with the help of young tree ambassadors who designed and illustrated leaflets and activities and wrote speeches. See short film.      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsetdU0zqZE

Facebook link for the film. Please share.



The film has been shown at school assemblies. Council tree officers are actively working to engage city residents in planting trees. See links below. They have asked FeCRA to help with a tree event.




To help you decide what trees are suitable to plant in urban areas in face of a changing climate.



Best wishes,


Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA

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