Update Jan 2019

Dear all,

January Update

A reminder of the Development Control Forum tomorrow 16 Jan, 10.am Guildhall  

Application for new car park, office, hotel blocks CB1 Station car park site.

 The Great Northern Road Residents Association, South Petersfield Residents Association and CamCycle have asked for a Development Control Forum. They would appreciate your support.

Link below to agenda and details:


A reminder of some of the concerns




Cambridge City Council Central Conservation Area

In February 2019, Cambridge City Council will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first conservation area designated in the city. As part of the celebrations, they want to acknowledge developments within the city centre since that designation.

Nominations for best buildings awards. Deadline  25th Jan, 2019.

Details of how to enter a building


We will be in touch again. There are other issues to report.

Best wishes,


Wendy Blythe

Chair, FeCRA

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